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Our upcoming Ghost chassis finds new ways to help users easily personalize their chassis. With specially-designed rails for our Alchemy LED strips on the bottom, it’s incredibly easy to add a custom lighting effect to your Ghost.

Check out what it looks like below!



» June 6th, 2012 by admin - posted in Computex 2012 - 11 Comments
11 Responses to “BitFenix Ghost Lights it Up”
  1. Chris M says:

    You guys are awesome. You always add that extra little awesomeness to you products. Nice thinking on this one!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Chris!

  3. Joe says:

    Non removable 2.5″ bay kills the airflow and kills the case for me. You could have added a fan controller as well…And the point of a silent case is kinda ruined by the hole on top of it. Really like the sata dock and exterior looks tho.

  4. Chance says:

    Any chance of a window version of this? That would rock everyones socks

  5. xbournex says:

    Joe, the 2.5″ bays are removable!

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  7. Matt says:


    I’m in Canada and I am building in about two months time. If this isn’t available by then, I will be really mad at you guys. This thing looks sweet and I like that the for can be flipped and locked, that you can remove cages and the fact that it has no window, thus letting me mod the crap out of it as I want. The room for the RAD at the top just makes it even sweeter. Just please release these in Canada and soon!

  8. ToniCipriani says:

    PLEASE make an mATX version of this case…

  9. john says:

    Really impressed with this case. Fitted Z87 Pro and it all goes together really neatly. No problems. Will be adding Alchemy LED strips next.

  10. Brian says:

    Nice Case! I would have gotten the Ghost but I went Ronin for the window and stealth cover which is cool and unique. Ghost is pretty sweet though.

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