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Our Raider, armed with gun metal and a window took a couple people off their feet. As Product Manager, David J, would say, “Not too shabby!”

» June 7th, 2012 by xbournex - posted in BitFenix, Computex 2012 - 6 Comments
6 Responses to “Raider… Raided the booth”
  1. Sudhir says:

    Raider – Window – Gunmetal. w00t.

  2. Viktor Wemmer says:

    You know… It’s my birthday today.

  3. […] Raider met een venster is opgedoken op de blog van de fabrikant. We zien hier een behuizing die opgetrokken is uit staal en plastic. Voor de afwerking heeft […]

  4. TooPercent says:

    Dang it bitFenix, I always buy my great gear before you bring out even cooler great gear. haha.

    Loving the Gunmetal!

  5. The Sorcerer says:

    A straight frontpanel shot would have been nice, but the colour blends well with black. I wonder how it will look with a black tint side panel…

  6. Chubs the cat says:

    hey bitfenix, you know how you love us right? pretty please make a white one too? :3

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